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The LRL 2007 Experience, Part 0

by on Jul.06, 2007, under Geeky, Linux, Personal

So, yes, a lot of things have forced my hand, and I now have to be in Wolverhampton tonight, at the pub, to try and find an overnight home for 2 Laptops :D Hopefully it wont be that hard to do!

Other than that, i’ve got to say, I love the FLOSS community just for the simple fact that so far I’ve had three people offer me a lift. Well, I’m still stuck on who I’ll be taking it off, trying to whizz round and organise everything, but one way or another, I’ll be there tomorrow @ 9.

That’s if I don’t pass out from alcohol poisoning tonight.

I must say, someone remind me tonight to take the piss out of whatever Aq decides to drink, just for comparing me to his granny last year ;) (and that winky was for Jono!)

If you read this, come say hi to me at some point. I’ll probably be wearing a nametag tomorrow, but, to be fair,you’re probably reading this through one or another of the planets, and they all have Gotchi’s

I may look strange, but I’ll be recognisable.

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You know you’ve been working too long when …

by on Jul.01, 2007, under Geeky, Linux

You ask for more info on a bug that you reported in the first place

I’m very tired, and I really can’t remember reporting that bug, AND I can’t reproduce it.

In other news, Katapult has been released after months  of headaches trying to work out why it wouldn’t build in a pbuild. Maybe if I hadn’t been making it use one file from debian’s libtool, and one from KDE’s … It’s been a day for headaches is all I can say, I had to make two releases, as after I made the first, I only THEN found out that google had changed their URL syntax, rendering one of the new plugins useless.

I think I need a beer now.

And I must say, I was rather surprised that Gentoo got there first for including the new version of Katapult. Kudos to them for it, Debian came a close second… now just to wait to put in a sync request to Ubuntu.

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Stack Overflow

by on May.04, 2007, under Geeky, Linux, Ubuntu

This comic from Scott Johnson made me laugh

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Xubuntu – First Impressions

by on Apr.30, 2007, under Geeky, Linux, Ubuntu

So, this post is being written from Xubuntu.

As most of the people who know me will know, I’m a huge KDE/Kubuntu Fan. However, I’ve been sort of “donated” an old laptop to play around with for a while. And seeing as how old it is, I decided to install xubuntu on it.

I’ve only hit a few issues so far, so I’ll outline them.

  • I downloaded the Dapper ISO thinking that it was the Feisty one – this was probably a case of PEBKAC
  • Feisty crashes X when trying to load a terminal (and probably other things, I reinstalled when I tried for the 13th time to open a terminal
  • When booting, between the grub loading and X starting, I just have a blank screen (I’ve heard this is an issue on laptops with *buntu though – so I don’t know – It worked fine on my old laptop!)
  • No IRC client installed by default
  • Slow responsiveness (but it’s faster thanit was in windows!)
  • No Launch Feedback – when I click an icon to run something, I don’t know if it’s actually running or whatever. This is a feature I sorely miss from KDE as I just ended up loading 5 file managers as I thought that it wasn’t loading!)

In general though, other than the points above, I’m finding Xubuntu a nice clean distro. Looks wise, I haven’t had to change anything, as I do with kubuntu (what’s with those squished title bar buttons?) and it all looks nice clean crisp and fresh.

It’s a nice Distro. I think I may look at using it on some of my other machines in the future, even if it is GTK-app based, it’s still a nice alternative.

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Evolution has Mutated

by on Apr.17, 2007, under Geeky, Linux, Rants

Every now and then, I go through my junk folder in Evolution, and check it for any emails that should have got to me.

I’ve just checked it and found that there were more emails that weren’t junk in there than were. It’s been filtering innocuous emails for no apparent reason, including a couple relating to a Job application I was going for (this was the reason I was checking it today, so luckily I spotted it!)

It’s annoying when spam filters get too smart though. It’s things like this that make me start wanting to use fetchmail/procmail, so that only the stuff I want marked as junk gets marked as junk.

Ah well, it’s easy enough to turn off Evolution’s Junk mail filtering.

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RSS, supybot and utf8

by on Apr.15, 2007, under Geeky, Linux

So, it seems that the issues I’ve been having with Lethargy are because supybot is not by default utf8 compliant. Meaning that it wont pick up RSS feeds that are.

Zeth Green came up with the following solution

<+zeth> back up that file
<+zeth> sudo cp -a /usr/bin/supybot /root/
<+zeth> you see the line import sys
<+zeth> after that add these 2 line
<+zeth> reload(sys)
<+zeth> sys.setdefaultencoding(‘utf-8′)
<+zeth> then restart Lethargy and see what happens :-)

Well, it worked, now if only I could find the supybot bugtracker

<+zeth> that is why those Launchpad people have a point
<+zeth> One bugtracker to rule them all

I totally agree

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Source Guru returns

by on Apr.15, 2007, under Geeky, Interweb, Linux, Personal

So, after a few issues with Paypal (damn them!) I’ve finally managed to be able to actually send my payment(s) for my VPS, and it has now returned.

Over the years, I’ve been hosted in many places, from Tripod, to Freedom2surf, to lyximer (man, I miss that place!) enhosting, one&one, and now to bitfolk and over all that time -I’ve used many a different Control Panel (except for lyximer – those were the good old days of getting down and dirty with the configuration files)

Well anyway, in Source Guru’s past implementation, I used ISPConfig which did exactly what I wanted, to an extent. It automated the creation of new domains, including mail, DNS etc etc. However, it lacked in a few features. It was horridly coded, and well, cause me more hassle than was worth (espescially when trying to upgrade)

So, now I’m using webmin, usermin, and virtualmin, and I’m surprised at how well Webmin actually interfaces with the config files actually on your server. You can add as many obscure settings as you want and webmin either recognises them, or just leaves them alone.

Unfortunately, It’s still not up to scratch, for me probably more than most. As I’m hosted by bitfolk I have access to 5 other DNS secondaries. It’s nice to know that you’ll be able to access your DNS even if things go wrong. However, using VirtualMin to create sites (for things like Realist Anew) it doesn’t actually create the proper Nameserver records, meaning that the Secondary Nameservers won’t take the transfer requests.

If I use Webmin‘s DNS settings to create it, I can add in a nice bit that will add all the nameservers for me, but it seems that Virtualmin doesn’t interface with this! Gah!

So well, yeah, it’s getting down and dirty again in the config files to make things work (Many thanks to Andy Smith for helping me out with this one)

Anyways, other than a nice swap death, my server’s been up and playing nicely, now I just need to import all the old websites I had on there!

But it does lead me to want to start making my own “Control Panel” software … … …

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*lets out a sigh of relief*

by on Mar.17, 2007, under Linux, Rants, Ubuntu

Ok, so not that long ago, I had to reinstall Kubuntu (we won’t explain why here! – I’m too ashamed to tell!)

Anyway, I installed Kubuntu Dapper, and that all worked fine. However, after upgrading to Feisty, I had a strange problem, I no longer had an English Keyboard layout, and I couldn’t change it.

So, I put up with it, after searching the ubuntu forums and realising a couple of people had a similar issue to me, thinking it was a bug.

Today, however, it really got to me (again, not something I wan’t to explain why)

So, I started bitching on IRC.

Again, as usual, my bitching and ranting and raving was unfounded. (sort of) The code WAS right in feisty, but for some reason, had been removed from my system. Grr…. I guess that the upgrade path is broken somewhere (seeing as I had to have about 3 attempts to do the upgrade with modding a couple of init scripts to just return true as they were giving me huge headaches! (one of the font updating things I believe))

But yeah, It’s fixed now, and much thanks to Colin Watson for pointing out that the file was in the package, as if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have thought to just

sudo apt-get install –reinstall xkb-data

So I’m now back on a UK keyboard, and after using it for a month as a US keyboard, am now having difficulty switching back!

I should switch to dvorak, and just make my life even more confusing :D

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by on Dec.14, 2006, under Geeky, Linux, Personal, Rants, Rants, Ubuntu

Trying to update my control panel software (Manages stuff like email websites etc, etc) and I get this

checking whether the C++ compiler (gcc   ) works… no
configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C++ compiler cannot create executables.

Kind of annoying, yes.

 But even more annoying that it then went on to delete my current (working) copy of My control panel.

Luckily everything works, I just have to do things manually until I can get this fixed

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Katapult release + annoying ISPs

by on Nov.05, 2006, under Debian, Geeky, Linux, Personal, Ubuntu

Last night, I released katapult, which is mainly a bugfix release, but well, It’s a release!

We now have katapult working with amarok >=1.4.2 (and with < 1.4.2 still too!)

It was annoying, however, when my ISP decided to drop my connection for half an hour in the middle of pushing the files out to sourceforge.

See The Katapult website for more details.

Packages will be available soon for feisty and sid

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