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Evolution has Mutated

by on Apr.17, 2007, under Geeky, Linux, Rants

Every now and then, I go through my junk folder in Evolution, and check it for any emails that should have got to me.

I’ve just checked it and found that there were more emails that weren’t junk in there than were. It’s been filtering innocuous emails for no apparent reason, including a couple relating to a Job application I was going for (this was the reason I was checking it today, so luckily I spotted it!)

It’s annoying when spam filters get too smart though. It’s things like this that make me start wanting to use fetchmail/procmail, so that only the stuff I want marked as junk gets marked as junk.

Ah well, it’s easy enough to turn off Evolution’s Junk mail filtering.

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*lets out a sigh of relief*

by on Mar.17, 2007, under Linux, Rants, Ubuntu

Ok, so not that long ago, I had to reinstall Kubuntu (we won’t explain why here! – I’m too ashamed to tell!)

Anyway, I installed Kubuntu Dapper, and that all worked fine. However, after upgrading to Feisty, I had a strange problem, I no longer had an English Keyboard layout, and I couldn’t change it.

So, I put up with it, after searching the ubuntu forums and realising a couple of people had a similar issue to me, thinking it was a bug.

Today, however, it really got to me (again, not something I wan’t to explain why)

So, I started bitching on IRC.

Again, as usual, my bitching and ranting and raving was unfounded. (sort of) The code WAS right in feisty, but for some reason, had been removed from my system. Grr…. I guess that the upgrade path is broken somewhere (seeing as I had to have about 3 attempts to do the upgrade with modding a couple of init scripts to just return true as they were giving me huge headaches! (one of the font updating things I believe))

But yeah, It’s fixed now, and much thanks to Colin Watson for pointing out that the file was in the package, as if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have thought to just

sudo apt-get install –reinstall xkb-data

So I’m now back on a UK keyboard, and after using it for a month as a US keyboard, am now having difficulty switching back!

I should switch to dvorak, and just make my life even more confusing :D

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by on Dec.14, 2006, under Geeky, Linux, Personal, Rants, Rants, Ubuntu

Trying to update my control panel software (Manages stuff like email websites etc, etc) and I get this

checking whether the C++ compiler (gcc   ) works… no
configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C++ compiler cannot create executables.

Kind of annoying, yes.

 But even more annoying that it then went on to delete my current (working) copy of My control panel.

Luckily everything works, I just have to do things manually until I can get this fixed

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Novell + Microsoft – My POV

by on Nov.03, 2006, under Geeky, Linux, Personal, Rants, Rants

First of all, before I start writing, I need to state the following.

This blog is published on Novell affiliated website(s) This post does in no way represent the view of Novell/Microsoft or any of their employees, and is only my own personal opinion on this subject.

For those of you who haven’t already read, Novell and Microsoft have entered into 3 agreements of Collaboration between the companies. See here for more info

The way I see it is yes, this is a good thing in general for Linux. With Microsoft actively participating in the collaboration between open source and Windows, it can only be a good thing, finally, we will be able to integrate Windows and Linux clients seamlessly, they’ll work together, and everything will be groovy.

For SUSE Enterprise customers.

Yes, this will bring technical advances and help with the proliferation of Linux, undoubtedly, but – the way the Press Release and FAQ are written, it seems to me that Novell and Microsoft will be working hand in hand to exclude anyone outside their customer bases from using anything that will come from this collaboration.

Novell, up to this point to me have seemed to make huge steps into the Open Source Market, making a lot of contributions in lots of projects, but with this announcement, it now seems that they just want themselves to benefit, not the rest of the FLOSS community. Do we really want Novell to become the “Microsoft” of Linux? Monopolising on the things that are going to get the paying customers to use their Products? I remember a quote from an interview with Novell’s Greg Mancusi-Ungaro in LXF which was this

Well, if we ever woke up one day and said ‘Wow, Novell is the Microsoft of Linux’ or ‘Red Hat is the Microsoft of Linux’, then the Linux movement would be over.

I totally agree, but to me, it looks like this is a step in that direction for Novell.

By the way, feel free to flame me^W^Wcomment, I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on this

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People changing things that don’t need changing

by on Sep.15, 2006, under Geeky, Linux, Rants

Recently, Amarok decided to change the way they store URL’s in it’s database, meaning that it’s now a PITA to try and get a song to play, as for some reason – they all now start with ./ – instead of just /.

 So now I have to go hacking away to make katapult use the proper URLs. This is going to be even more fun as it will also need to detect the version of amarok. – Yay!

 Lets just hope KURL::isRelativeURL (const QString &_url) works well enough to determine the type of path amarok is returning ;)

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Loss of functionality… again

by on Mar.04, 2006, under Geeky, Personal, Rants

For some reason – Mozilla Thunderbird has decided to not allow me to send emails anymore.- or at least it wont allow a Message composition to be opened.

Apparently it’s something cocked up in my prefs.js file… If anyone can see something wrong in it – please let me know … here it is
My Prefs.js

It’s very very very very annoying – espescially cause i cant see anything wrong myself.

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Loss of functionality

by on Mar.01, 2006, under Geeky, Rants

Isn’t it annoying when you use an app for about a year – and then they go and upgrade, and remove one of the useful shortcuts that you’ve always used?

The reason I first decided not to use konqueror as my primary Web browser was the fact that when I middle clicked a tab, it didn’t close the tab – but tried to open whatever was in your clipboard as a URL. I found this very… very annoying…

Now, firefox has gone and changed and does the same thing – so now I have no way of quickly middle clicking a tab to close it. Which just … p**ses me off. It’s the thing in firefox that always saved me the most time. I’m very annoyed at losing this functionality – but meh – I guess I have to live with it.

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Over-Zealous Webserver

by on Feb.14, 2006, under Geeky, Personal, Rants, Rants

So, not too long ago – I moved to a different webhosting provider, thinking it’d provide me with everything I needed and more.

Now, I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t. It’s getting to the point where I’m just thinking that the support people are complete and utter dumbasses.

Now, to start off, I used to use Bazaar … which is a great Revision Control System – though slightly ancient. Well – back in those times – I was using webdav to post my stuff to my webserver!

Great you might say, except for the fact that to use webdav I had to use my main FTP login. Not good… for security reasons. Meaning I’d have to find another way – or setup webdav slightly differently. So – going onto the support site, I looked through everything, and it seemed that I’d be able to use webdav with Frontpage extensions enabled, using the username and password for that. Did that work? no… so I email support, telling them my situation, the problems, how to get round them usually, what wasn’t working, exact errors, debugging info etc. What do they do? send me to the same thing I read before. So I email them back telling them that I’ve read all that, and I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work, and that I’d actually told them that in the previous email that I’d done so. I get a reply back sending me to random stuff that has nothing to do with webdav at all.

So, I give up on that line.

I then start using Bazaar-NG – hoping that the next generation stuff would be useful for me. After managing to set it up and get it all running over the slow sftp connection provided… I then get people reporting that they can’t get the archive. After a lil chat with the bzr people, I finally find out it’s because my webserver is being over zealous – for a file called bla.bla.bla.sig that doesn’t exist, it’s returning an error 300 saying “bla.bla.bla.sig doesnt exist, but bla.bla.bla does”… meaning that Bazaar-NG doesnt know what to do… and falls over.
Yay I say to myself. Yay.

I’ve just emailed support asking if they know how to switch that off… because technically it can be a security
risk. If anyone knows – please tell me! It has to be done through a .htaccess though..

*sighs* lets hope the fact that this is on a couple of planets saves my ass and gets me through
this nightmare, because I doubt that the support will come up with anything useful

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