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I’m really enjoying Karmic

by on Oct.02, 2009, under Personal

Today, I reinstalled my laptop to use a fresh install of Karmic.

My laptop’s one of those annoying ones that have problems, however, it seems Karmic has fixed a fair chunk of those. My wireless now works (though still only with WPA networks for some reason), I no longer have to boot with “nolapic_timer” (urgh!) and those annoying little niggles have gone. Also, Karmic is looking pretty swish. It’s new notification icons are stylish and minimal, and the xsplash looks good. Also, I’ve noticed that shut down time is drastically reduced! (2 seconds vs my old 10-15 seconds).
Boot time isn’t amazing, but it’s pretty nippy.

I’m lovin it.


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  • Dave Taylor

    I tried the Beta today but it refuses to connect my intel 5100 wireless card to my TKip WPA network. I also didn’t see xsplash but I guess you have to install for that. Also didn’t manage to shut down as it froze on a blank screen so not best impressed at the moment although I did take a look at the new Amarok and that looked nice – hopefully it can manage my Nano, nightrose says that it can but I’ve never seen it work.

  • qii

    kub9.10 dont have xsplash…..

  • Dave Taylor

    On the other hand Ubuntu is working perfectly, wireless just connects, xsplash works on the live cd and no freezes. Just a pity its gnome otherwise it would be great.

  • lmh
    got yourself a mention. hope bugjam went well. wont make it to your talk next week unfortunately.

  • Socceroos


    Were you talking about Kubuntu or Ubuntu?

    Having run both in the past, I find that if I install Ubuntu and then the Kubuntu-desktop package over the top then I have the best experience. That way I can run a real network manager and not be stuck when connecting to wireless networks.

  • Michael Graaf

    Hi – I tried the “subscribe by email” option, and after completing the CAPTCHA in the window which popped up after I entered my address, I was told “subscription by email not enabled”.

  • Ian Zimmerman

    What were the “annoying little niggles”?

    I have tried Jaunty but I was turned off by pretty widespread font corruption. Typically it would fix itself if you passed the mouse pointer over it.

    I have an old Thinkpad R40 with an ATI Rage128 video adapter.

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