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LugRadio Live – The Review

by on Jul.23, 2008, under Personal

(c) 2008 Barbie -

(c) 2008 Barbie

So, this weekend just gone was the weekend of LugRadio Live. Here’s how it went for me. Friday morning, I got up, finished packing my stuff into my suitcase and headed off to the airport to go and pick up Myrtti. After missing a couple of buses, eventually got there, just in time to meet her as she was coming out of Arrivals.

We then headed off to Wolverhampton, with Myrtti being amazed by English houses (don’t ask me – I don’t know either) arriving in Wolverhampton 20 minutes before we could check into the hotel. So we went for food. Well, actually, I went for food, and Myrtti came with me. Moon Under Water has nice food, as do most Wetherspoons.

Anyway, from there on, Myrtti and I went and checked into the hotel, and then had a bit of a chat  (and checked on the CaveyCam) while waiting for the evening events to kick off.

The evening events… god. well… I don’t remember a lot of it. I remember coming in, sitting down, and sitting down with Daviey, ompaul, and a couple of other people (I can’t remember who!) and well – the night went on from there.

Left the Evening Events @ around midnight, and walked back with ompaul and Myrtti to the hotel. Couldn’t sleep, as there was a dry-riser next to my room, so at 4am, I gave up, and registered on flickr, uploading the photos from the night that I’d taken.

Then, at 6am, I went hunting for breakfast, had a little walk round Wolverhampton, and found that Spar had food, so bought a couple of sausage sandwiches from there (and a couple of cans of Relentless). Went back to the hotel room, answered the wake up call, and headed to the venue just before 7.

I was the second person there after Chris (Proctor) – am proud of that, and spent the morning setting up all those lovely banners that you people saw (and chasing after some that had gone missing).

Did anyone notice that the can of relentless I’d thrown in the bin had been used to help stick up the Main Stage schedule poster? No? Good… twas amusing though.

Thanks to Mrs Ron for providing the Bacon Sarnies though :)

Anyways, sat down and started to film the intro, then moved onto the first talk in the Atrium (I signed up for the morning sessions on crew – why oh why?). I had to try and keep myself from falling asleep due to no sleep in the first one, but towards the end, the caffeine kicked in, and I started to wake up.

Next up was Bruuuuunnoooooo’s talk… it was “tres amusant” … I enjoyed watching it, and am glad that the audio isn’t coming from the camera, or all you’d have heard was my laughing.

After that, It was lunch. Woo. Headed off to the Moon Under Water for what was meant to be an SBLUG gathering, but, couldn’t find them in the packed pub, so ended up sitting with Barbie and JJ and chatting to them while we had food.

Came back and scoped out the Exhibitors for a bit (and yes, played some TF2) before going to watch the gong-a-thong… mrben… raccoon pants… I won’t say anymore, or my mind will explode. Though I must say, I did love Matthew Garrett’s talk on how he hates the community.

After that, I went back and gamed for a bit, before heading to the Live and Unleashed recording. Found Myrtti again there, and gave her a bit of a shoulder rub while watching it (and laughing my ass off too!)

So. There brought an end to Day 1… except, it wasn’t over. By this time, I was feeling pretty crap… no sleep. So went and packed up, then headed back to the hotel, slept for a bit, then headed to Karaoke.

I didn’t stay long, and was on the soft drinks all night, but managed to fit in a rendition of “Summer Nights” – I do a mean Olivia Newton John. I’m kind of dissapointed that the guy I was singing it with (my Ex Boss) didn’t know the words, but I’ve had a promise from froodie that next year she’ll do the John Travolta, and I can do the Olivia Newton John. Speaking of froodie – great rendition of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” – I was singing along in the back of the venue (and drawing funny looks by air-drumming/air-guitaring)

Sunday morning. I was still tired, but due to exhaustion – I’d actually managed to sleep. Though – I think the fact that the following comment was made in IRC means that I didn’t look as fresh-faced as I’d have like to believe I was.

<+ompaul>    Mez, on sunday you looked like someone had eaten enough of your brain not to kill you but to stop you from understanding there was sunday :)

So yeah. Once again, set up at a ridiculously early time (this time 8am though) – I managed to be one of the people on the Coffee Run to Starbucks, so that worked well for me. I didn’t have to do much.

Started off the morning upstairs in the Lightning talk room, watching Barbies talk (and getting told off for raising my hand to answer his questions). Was still a good talk the second time round. And some of the stuff I forgot the first time, I’ve now seen again. I must apologise to Barbie for laughing to myself towards the end of the talk though. When you have a crew radio on, and you can hear Jono telling everyone he’s in the toilet with a speaker, you can’t help but laugh (I so wish that the LCD display in the atrium was something we could send messages to – I would have sent “FlashHug Jono now – he’s in the loo!”)

Next was Agostino Russo’s talk about Wubi – which was quite interesting. I’ve not actually used wubi myself, but to see it working in situ, and to hear about the geekyness behind it was actually quite cool.

Lunchtime again, where I spent outside eating sandwhiches and munch provided by MrsRon again, before I came back in, scoped the exhibitors again, and generally mingled talking with people until it was time for Chris Jones’ (Ng) talk about terminator.

Next was the goodbyes… Sad to see them go – but – they WILL be back next year! (YAY!). Sad to see the podcast end, but it was a good ending to a good weekend.

Then we packed up, and found out that the bar we’d arranged to goto afterwards… was closed…. FAIL. Got it sorted out in the end, and after food, ended up at the Novotel bar, where there were quite a few people. Twas good talking to people there, a nice friendly relaxed atmosphere, and a nicely stocked bar. I must say though – I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time than I did with standing outside smoking with Xalior, Daviey and a few others (failhat!). Xalior is an extremely funny guy.

Anyways, from there, it was time to head home, after another night in the hotel, and taking Myrtti on a whirlwind tour of Birmingham’s Music Stores ;)

To me, it’ll be a weekend to remember. There were a lot of firsts for me, and a lot of fun.

I must say though, thumbs up to Tony Whitmore and Ron Wellsted for doing an amazing job at organising everything this year. And to all the rest of the crew who made everything run so smoothly (and Tig for the trousers! and barely leaving the sound desk!)

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