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by on Feb.28, 2006, under Geeky, Linux

I have to agree with Mark’s latest blog post regarding launchpad being able to open bugs in other bugzillas… There’s been a couple of times when I’ve wanted to open a bug in Debian through launchpad – as It would be easier to do it that way.

However, I’ve thought of another solution. I’d love to see bugzilla adopt some sort of “Global” account system – where you can use your bugzilla account from one bugtracker in another. Sort of the way openID and Jabber do things – the whole account@bugzilla. This would then open up the doors to be able to cross post the same bug across many bugzillas.

I believe this is similar to what launchpad intends to do eventually – however – I think it would be better as native bugzilla code.

I mean – one centralised “bugzilla” may be good… but – a distributed bugzilla would be even better

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  • Martin-√Čric

    Centralized bugzilla user database is something I’ve wanted for a long time. There’s even apparently a couple of proposed implementations available, according to the well-informed people on freenode #JoiIto. Why it hasn’t happened is something I simply don’t get. Not receiving an e-mail notification every time some punter adds or removes their name to the CC list for the bug would be nice too. Heck, automatic notification should be disabled by default!

  • JanC

    And I think agreeing on a distributed bugtracker protocol would be even better, so that all bugtrackers (malone, bugzilla, trac, …) can implement it! :-)

  • poningru

    these things are planned in bugzilla except no one is there to do the work,

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