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vim, cherokee, etckeeper

by on Apr.01, 2009, under Personal

Ok, so, today, I started using vim. I’ve never really had the time before to learn how to use it. I think the most I’d learned before today was just how to get out of vim if I ever accidentally got into it.

Now, however, I’m quite happy to do basic editing of files with it. I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with it’s code highlighting features.

I hope to eventually switch to vim permanently, but I’m not that confident with it yet – my first command was “nano ~/.vimrc” *chuckles*

Anyway, next comes cherokee. I’m actually loving this webserver. It’s so simplistic, yet so powerful, and it’s admin interface is a dream. If anyone out there is interested in having a lightweight server, have a look at cherokee before you go and install lighttpd !

The most exciting new thing that I’ve been using of late is etckeeper. (ok, maybe exciting isn’t the word – but I like it!). This hooks into a RCS and basically keeps a track of your /etc/ folder. It will automagically commit changes made to it when using apt-get (or similar) and I’ve actually set mine up to have bound branches. Meaning that my /etc/ is kept on a remote server.

All my machines are now using etckeeper (with the exception of the eeePC, which is tucked away in a corner with a network lead plugged into the back, being used as a playground machine) and I’m happy that if I ever have a hard disk crash, I can always get my configuration back from my server in a simple manner (which is massively useful for stuff like X).

Anyway, just some stuff I’ve been playing with of late. It seems I’m switching more and more to the command line :D

Maybe I should start using w3m instead of Firefox?

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