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Cheese Nibbles and Podcasts

by on Mar.07, 2009, under Geeky, Interweb, Personal, Ubuntu

So, fanatical readers of my blog (are there any?) may remember a long time back that I got bored and wrote a little script that amused me.

While testing something out yesterday, I needed to find a domain that I wasn’t using in production so I could test on it. I stumbled across Cheese Nibbles which had a lovely “We’ll be back with something cool soon” message on it.

So, I did my tests, and they worked. Everything’s good. I’d actually forgotten what was on Cheese Nibbles in the first place, so I started rooting round in the code. I found the old site, and I decided to resurrect it.

I posted in a couple of IRC channels, to see if other people found the site amusing, and got the following back in response

<Daviey> neat
<Daviey> Mez: rss feed needed
<Mez> Daviey: *chuckles*
<Mez> but then it’d be twitter
<Daviey> sure, but a shared account :)
<Daviey> Or.. make it twitter when changed

So, well, thanks to Dave Walker‘s suggestion, I did a quick google, and within 6 minutes, had it working. You can find the twitter feed at

Also, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with Zeth from my local LUG (and the tech, who shall remain anonymous, like “The Stig“) on a podcast, which we are, for now calling “The Podcast” (imaginative I know).

I was interviewed in the first podcast (which Zeth did alone, and I (apparently) provided the comedy element for) and presented with Zeth for the second one. Also, as the second one was recorded during the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam, of which I was running one of the venues, I actually allowed myself to be interviewed for it aswell. The podcast is very rough around the edges at the moment, and well, we haven’t got a website, or an RSS feed yet, but you can find the show notes here, and download the podcast episode in either MP3 Format, or OGG Format

All comments/thoughts/suggestions welcome!

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Dutch PHP Conference

by on Jun.13, 2008, under Geeky, Interweb

So, am sittig in my hotel room, after spending way too long getting here, drinking tea, and using up the Wifi.

It doesn’t actually start till tomorrow, so not much to say – but I shall probably blog some more.

Good night out tonight, with a few of the Speakers, some good conversation, though really dissappointed that everywhere stops selling food at like – 10pm. Which is about when we got to the hotel. I think I’ve had a single bitterballe (or however it’s spelt) – roll on breakfast tomorrow morning is all I can say – and dissapointed that the place we went to only had two kinds of beer, or wine…. :(

Still, all good fun, looking forward to tomorrow. Just not liking the fact I have a single bed. I haven’t slept in one for 6 years!

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PHP Conference

by on Jan.07, 2008, under Geeky

It’s coming up to that time of year when the London PHP Conference is gearing up and getting ready to go.

Head on over to to book your tickets!

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War Dialling ?

by on Jan.07, 2008, under Personal

When a few people in IRC noticed Daniel Silverstone’s post about his new phone number, that started a whole conversation regarding whether his number crunching alogorithm was good enough.

I made a lovely script in PHP, which told me the numbers that it could have been.

There are 67786 combinations that it could be, it took me about 27 seconds to find that once I’d written and debugged the code.

It’s an interesting puzzle, so if you’re bored, why not write some code and see whether you can get the same answer?

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